About Us

Hi friends! 

We’re Brianna and Erica. 

We started our small business in 2020, but we like to think Golden Mae began long before. Growing up, we were so close to our beautiful grandma, who always wore gold jewelry. We’d often explore the treasures of her jewelry box, and she’d share the story behind every one of her sparkling pieces with us–it was almost like every necklace, ring, and bracelet came with a letter from her past. Thanks to her, from a young age, both of us associated jewelry with deep sentimental value and appreciation for the symbolism it offers. 

When our friend taught us how to stamp jewelry, and we had extra time together in 2020, we knew it was a sign to share our passion and appreciation for jewelry with others. And, of course, we had to name our company after the one who inspired it all–Grandma Lois Mae

We hope you feel the love we put into these pieces we hand-stamp, hand-assemble, and personally drop off at our local post office in Utah. We feel so lucky to share our adoration of jewelry with you. 

One day, we hope you have Golden Mae pieces in the jewelry box you pass down to your loved ones. 

Thank you for being here! 

Brianna & Erica